Over many years, I heard comments that the MTT-S was not taking an adequate role in promoting works in numerical methods and theory papers in our conferences or journals. I knew this was not true and I stated so publically many times, but the perception remained. Thus, for several years I tried to find the right people to start a new conference specifically for authors of numerical method and theory papers. The MTT-S is lucky to have members that agreed with me and were willing to volunteer their time to help me make my dream a reality. I am very happy to state that the 2014 IEEE MTT-S International Conference on Numerical Electromagnetic Modeling and Optimization for RF, Microwave, and Terahertz Applications (NEMO 2014) held in Pavia, Italy and Chaired by Maurizio Bozzi was a great success. The conference is a single track conference so the attendees were exposed to all aspects of numerical methods, CAD, nonlinear modeling, and theory. It was very exciting to watch and listen to Professors Peter Russer, Wolfgang Hoefer, John Bandler, and C-K Clive Tzuang question authors about their work and to present their own work. Authors ranging from these grandfathers of the field to graduate students benefited from the informal discussions that can only occur at these small, topical conferences. Professor Q. J. Zhang is now planning NEMO 2015, and I have heard his ideas and enthusiasm to make NEMO the premier conference on numerical methods and CAD for electromagnetic problems. I hope you participate in NEMO and learn what those of us that were in Pavia already learned; there is some exciting work being done and the MTT-S and NEMO is the best place to hear it.

George E. Ponchak, Ph.D., FIEEE
Chair, IEEE MTT-S Publication Committee
Vice-Chair, IEEE MTT-S Meetings and Symposia Committee