A Student Contest will be held during NEMO2014. The contest is open to all Master and PhD students, which appear as the first author and present the paper at the conference. Students intending to participate in the contest are invited to tick the appropriate box during the online submission process.

The works will be evaluated taking into account both the presentations and the grades obtained during the review process. The winner of the Best Student Paper Award will be selected by an international Jury and announced during the Gala Conference Dinner on May 15, 2014.

Student Paper Competition Awards are presented to:

Ioannis D. Koufogiannis

for the paper authored by Ioannis D. Koufogiannis, Michael Mattes, and Juan R. Mosig

entitled "On the Development and Evaluation of Spatial Domain Green’s Functions for Multilayered Structures with Conductive Sheets"

Diter Dobbelaere (2° prize)

for the paper authored by Diter Dobbelaere, Hendrik Rogier, and Daniel De Zutter

entitled "Analytic Properties of Dispersion Curves for Efficient Eigenmode Analysis of Isotropic Waveguides using a Boundary Element Method"

Alberto Tibaldi (3° prize)

for the paper authored by Alberto Tibaldi, Renato Orta, Oscar A. Peverini, Riccardo Tascone, Giuseppe Addamo, and Giuseppe Virone

entitled "Analysis of Diffraction Gratings by the Mortar-Element Method "