Instruction for Preparing the Poster for NEMO2015

Poster Space: Plan on using an area that consists of one board of 1.2 m tall x 2.4 m wide (4 × 8 ft). Push pins and/or tape will be provided to attach your material onto the bulletin boards.

Use bullet lists, charts, figures, tables, equations, and photographs as applicable to highlight the important technical content of your work. The use of color graphics and headline style phrases in bullet charts will allow the audience to quickly see the theme of your presentation and grasp your intended message. It is also a good idea to sequentially number your posted material or use arrows to indicate flow of material. This will indicate to the viewer a logical progression through your presentation. Simply posting the pages of the written version of your paper is a very poor presentation for the poster section.

The title of your paper should appear in block letters, which are at least 10 cm high (4 in). The remaining text should be at least 5 cm high (2 in) to be easily legible to viewers who are standing as far as 2 meters away. Each graph or chart should be at least 27 × 21 cm (11 × 8.5 in) with text that is also readable from 2 meters away. Provide an Introduction or Outline, and Summary or Conclusion. Remember to keep text short and concise, and highlight the key points and significance of your work (use phrases instead of complete sentences).

How to create a large poster in Microsoft PowerPoint: Open a blank PowerPoint slide. Select “Slide Size” to create a custom size, for example, 56 inch width, 42 inch height. Select landscape orientation for the slide.

A plotter printer is usually used to print the poster. The convenient way is to have it printed in a printing shop. The printing shop usually has inexpensive cardboard tubes, which is suitable for protecting the poster during travel and transportation.